Web database & API integrating spatial, historical and prosopographic data

Website: https://openatlas.eu/
Price: Free
License: Open Source
Skill level: 🏋️‍♀️ Trained end-user (for use) / 👩‍🔧 Administrator (for setup)

OpenAtlas is an open source database software developed especially to acquire, edit and manage research data from various fields of humanities like history, archaeology and prosopography as well as related scientific data (e.g. radiocarbon dating, stable isotopes and anthropological information). It provides a user interface that can be accessed via any common web-browser and allows the respective researchers to work with their data via customized forms and categories to record complex relations as simple as possible.

The software automatically maps the information to the international standard of the CIDOC CRM and takes care of today's requirements regarding data standards, data management and aims for FAIR principles against the background of current standards in Digital Humanities.

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How to use OpenAtlas

OpenAtlas is not a stand alone application but meant to be installed on a Linux web server. The code is open source (GPL 2) and freely available on GitHub. Some experience about server administration is required, for more information please take a look at the install notes.

In case you are interested in a cooperation you can find more information here.